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Designed & Powered by Web Force 5; Book a Consultation. A formal espalier may take a little longer to create, but the impact of these living sculptures are worth the extra wait. Merrywood's formal espaliers have all been pruned and trained by hand. Most of the range have been trained using a multi cordoned method central main trunk with horizontal branches. 18/12/32 · The Merrywood range of Espaliers includes citrus, camellias, olives and apples, so you'll be sure to find what you're looking for at Merrywood. Whether you choose an espalier from our existing range, or order something a little more bespoke, you can.

Public Enquiries. If you have a question regarding your espalier, or would like to book a consultation, please contact us via our consultation form. Please note that Merrywood Plants is a wholesale nursery and is not open for sales direct to the general public. The Merrywood range of espaliered citrus are grown in the open at our nursery on the Mornington Peninsula. We have chosen varieties that are excellent performers in a wide range of conditions. Stock is available in a range of 33cm, 40cm and 50cm pot sizes with square lattice. A limited number of 50cm formal espaliers are also available.

Fruit trees make beautiful informal espaliers. Their lack of symmetry means they can be shaped to suit your needs. Choose a deciduous fruit tree and enjoy the gnarled branches of winter not to mention summer, when the fruit gets all of the attention. How to espalier. Chris England from Merrywood Plants is an espalier expert with 25 years' experience and has some tips for creating your own espalier. Leave some room between the trunk and the flat surface behind. Before planting, tease out the roots, so they spread easier and add liquid fertiliser to help the plant settle into its new home. Merrywood are specialist growers of formal and informal espaliers. From scented blooms and small shrubs, to fruit trees that would crown any veggie patch. We take enormous pride and care in our stock. Our hands on approach, from its initial planting right through to its final clip, ensures finest quality and healthiest stock possible.

Expertly grown by Australia's top espalier nursery, Merrywood Plants. All our espalier plants come with a maintenance leaflet detailing how to maintain the unique 'flat' shape of your plant. Our espalier come in a range of Citrus, Magnolia, Camellia, Gardenia and deciduous fruit trees. Perfect for narrow areas or as courtyard planting. Merrywood Plants, Baxter, Victoria, Australia. 46 likes. Merrywood Plants is a wholesale plant nursery based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. We grow and supply espalier plants.

Whether you choose an espalier from our existing range, or order something a little more bespoke, you can be confident in receiving a premium quality plant. Container Gardening Fresco Fresh Container Garden. More information. Saved by. Renee Franek. 2.

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